We have come to tell a story, an ancient story that at first appears to be shrouded in mystery, and yet somehow you remember this tale, deep within the spirals of time…you remember…


Long ago we would all gather as a tribe to call forth an experience of the divine on this physical plane. We would honor our connection to the divine in this way and surrender ourselves in the form of dance & ritual as spirit moved through us, as us. Today, in the awakening of this sacred art of evocation, we have come to gather again to remember and express our connection to source as we breathe these ancient archetypes to life before your eyes. Using our form as a vessel, an exquisite alchemical experience of human expression is revealed. The energetic and sublime experience can be described much like a voice directly from the divine that can only be heard by the soul of those who have come to witness the ritual of awakening.


This reflection through ritual is intended to activate and awaken the one within who aches to emerge from the depths of slumber. In this way we bring healing by reflecting your inner light and beauty as this offering pours itself into your heart. The grace of the divine moves through our soul in that sacred moment to create a voice for all to hear…


May I present to you Evokation Sacred Art.



Take a journey with us as we dive ever deeper into the mystery and unveil ours souls to reveal the living Goddess.


“Know Thyself and you shalt Know the Gods”

-Egyptian Proverb